Our vision is to create a space for the incredible women of the Montana Association for Female Enrichment – MAFE to share their knowledge and experience with one another and our greater community of working women. MAFE is comprised of experts in nearly every industry, from engineering to dietetics to law and beauty. Beyond that… Read More

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Mindful Listening

Written By: Polly Taggart, Mary Kay Consultant
(MAFE Member since 2010)

Life has a way of cluttering our mind.  It can be difficult to wade through that clutter to be mindful of those around us. Mindful listening is a way to bring better understanding of our world.  The art of listening is a communication skill we have not been taught.  Mindful listening is focusing on… Read More

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When Enough is Too Much

Written By:
Becky Bey, Government Relations Specialist KLJ
(MAFE member since 2016)

In my constant quest for personal and professional growth, in what felt like the endless need to prove myself and do or be more, in my never-ending quest to please everyone all the time because I couldn’t stand the thought of disappointing anyone, I was losing. Outwardly, you would not have known… Read More