Welcome to Wise Words from Working Women

March is Women’s history month, and as such, it was only fitting that we launch our newest MAFE endeavor, our blog, written by women who are making history right now. MAFE is a unique group of highly skilled, successful women who have come together for the sole purpose of championing one another. As women, we know how difficult it can be to find our people, our tribe. As working women, it is even more complex. We spend so much time working with our heads down that we sometimes come up to breath and realize we’ve missed 3 MAFE lunches and are feeling completely out of the loop. This is for you! Our blog is just one more way for our members to connect when we can’t all be together regularly, whether that be due to busy work schedules or a pandemic.  

Our vision is to create a space for the incredible women of MAFE to share their knowledge and experience with one another and our greater community of working women. MAFE is comprised of experts in nearly every industry, from engineering to dietetics to law and beauty. Beyond that, we would be mistaken if we believed women were only defined by their professional roles. Much of our expertise lies outside our working lives in mothering, volunteering, party planning and crockpot cooking. We want to tap into the multifaceted lives of our members to enrich them and the women around them. We believe a blog gives us the opportunity to showcase what MAFE is about, women enriching the lives of women. Beyond that, it can be an opportunity for our members to showcase the work they do. We want to encourage our members to show their expertise in their field and allow the women of MAFE to share what we each do through our blog posts. While MAFE is a networking group built on friendships and encouraging one another, allowing the membership to get a better feel for what we each specialize in gives them the tools necessary to refer appropriate people when possible.

Our goal is to create a database of wise words written by working women. Those wise words may come in the form of professional advice, hard lessons learned, personal interests, current events, or even just an honest Pinterest fail or two. As working women, we go through so many similar challenges and to be able to shed light and guidance for one another, empowering each other along the way, is what the women of MAFE specialize in and what we want to portray through our blog. A good laugh never hurt anyone either. Everyone has something to contribute and there really are no wrong topics… welllll maybe we leave out politics, I think everyone is sick of hearing about that anyways!

Our blog will evolve as time goes on, but we plan to begin with one post a month written by one of our members and an additional post that will largely mimic our newsletter, outlining upcoming events, important dates and other timely information. This blog is by you and for you, we want it to serve and excite our members.  Never hesitate to share ideas you think will improve our blog and help us to better serve the working female community in our area. If you haven’t already signed up for a blog post of your own, reach out to us, we can’t wait to hear all you have to share!