MAFE Boards and Committees

Board & Committees…

MAFE provides leadership opportunities for members to serve on the Board of Directors, as an officer and through committee involvement.  If you are interested in joining a committee, contact the committee chair or email:


Make arrangements for all meetings, email members prior to each meeting and greet members and guests attending meetings.


Encourage members to invite prospective members to meetings, review and approve membership applications, introduce new members to the organization, and maintain membership directory.


Provide opportunities for members and guests to get to know each other’s professional skills and background thru networking events, summer picnic and holiday party.


Plan programs for each meeting and host/introduce speakers.

Public Relations

Publish three Newsletters annually and seek articles from members.


Plan a program and coordinate activities for the annual MAFE Weekend for members and guests.

MAFE 2017 Board of Directors

President:  Kathleen Stratton

Vice President:  Robyn Sargent
Secretary:  Juli Pierce
Treasurer:  Kim Bar
Advisor/ New Member Navigator: Kindra McMullin
Accommodations:  Sandy Vancleeve,
Membership:  Denise Smith
Networking:  Kris Kallinen
Program:  Lisa Perry
Newsletter/Public Relations:  Debbie Singer
Retreat:  Erin Kramarich